Looking for an Agent, Things to Consider

Dated: February 27 2018

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Whether you are looking to buy or sell, the real estate market can be trickier than most think.  There is more to know than just where the home is located, how many beds & baths, school districts and the price.  Typically everyone you talk to says they have a family member that works in real estate or they know a handful of people they could work with.  The key word in that sentence is COULD.  You may also be connected by a transaction of many years ago.  There are four general types of agents to consider working with when you decide to work with an agent, be sure to think about your needs and how your transaction will move forward.

Here are a few things to consider when looking at working with a real estate agent:

1.)    Property Type Specialist 

Although, real estate is real estate, there are a variety of types of real estate an agent may choose to SPECIALIZE in.

                ~REO (Real Estate Owned)

                ~Short Sale/Foreclosure

                ~Vacant Land

                ~New Construction


                ~Luxury Homes

                ~55+ Homes

                ~Horse property

Just as in any business, there are different categories an agent can choose to specialize in and know the in’s and out’s in the specific field.  So if you are looking for a property that has a specialty niche’ to it, be sure that your agent has the knowledge to keep you informed on your potential purchase.

 2.)    Situation Specialist

Just like growing up in life, there are steps in life we call achievements.  In past years, you probably heard a lot of people calling themselves short sale or pre-foreclosure specialists.  As we move into a new market not focusing on those homes, there is still a variety of specialists that can help you with your real estate transaction. 

                ~First time buyer

                ~Luxury homes for seller or buyers

                ~Relocation for sellers or buyers

                ~Downsizing for sellers

                ~Absentee home owners

Recognizing your situation can help you get the best agent for your needs and help to make your transaction as easy as possible.

 3.)    Location or Geographic

Although once an agent gets their license and they are licensed in the state it is issued, we all know that not one person can know everything.  Whether it be Metro, rural, downtown, country or a specific neighborhood, there are different points of knowledge to each of these locations.  For a downtown location, an agent should know more about transportation, entertainment or work locations. When dealing with a rural or country situations, the agent should know about special financing that maybe available to potential buyers and the regulations in well and septic.  If you are looking at a land for horses, there are acreage guidelines that must be followed per horse.  If you are looking at a specific neighborhood, schools, parks or maybe a daycare is what your needs are, your agent should be able to provide you this information to ensure you are making your decision with the most accurate facts.

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