Remodeling, Is It The Thing For You

Dated: February 27 2018

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Trying to decide if you should build a new home, purchase an existing home or just make a few remodeling changes in your current home and stay where you are?  Not sure what type of remodeling to do? 




Everyone has heard of the spring and Fall Parade of Homes, but did you know that the last week end of each Parade of Homes there is the Remodelers Showcase?  This is a chance for you to walk through homes that have hired remodelers and made changes to their home to work with current trends that are happening. 

Not all homes will allow for structural remodels, working with a licensed contractor to make sure what you want and what your home will allow are feasible and you are not investing money in something that was wrong from the start.

Be sure to check out the REMODELERS SHOWCASE the last week end of Parade of Homes, March 28-29, 2015.



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